Feta Fetish with Hummus Nachos

When it’s the kind of day where everything has gone wrong before 10 am, my co-workers and I always have a go to lunch spot in Tempe. Salut Kitchen and Wine Bar is hidden in a shopping complex but is the best surprise to find. The restaurant has a large patio with whimsical garden lights and reclaimed wood tables. This is my favorite spot (before the weather turns into the pits of doom) to relax with a glass of Bodini Malbec and eat away.

Salut has lots of delicious salads and sandwiches that I like to choose from, but there is nothing better than lounging while eating their Hummus Nachos. The dish itself its just pretty to look at, let alone eat. So many of my favorite things are made on these individual pita triangles: homemade hummus, red onion, pomegranate seeds, balsamic reduction and a sprinkle of creamy feta.

Hummus Nachos at Salut Kitchen Wine Bar

Feta isn’t the only dairy love this menu encompasses. There is a simple Caprese Salad that I love enjoying on a hot Arizona day. Lots of bruschetta choices, with my favorite being the FIG with mascarpone, proscuitto, figs and salty pistachios. And last but not least, the Bacon Grilled Cheese. The sandwiches at salut can be made panini style with foccacia bread, which creates an even crispier crust. There is a mix of honey butter and garlic aioli that is spread on the bread and it creates a comforting finish to the cheesy sandwich.

Salut is located on on University west of McClintock. They have a great Happy Hour that you won’t want to miss. A daily occurrence from 3-6:30 pm and reverse happy hour Sunday through Thursday from 9pm – Close. You can grab the Hummus Nachos for only $6.50 and a glass of house wine for $5, an easy justification to go try.

Salut Kitchen Bar


1435 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

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