Mac & Cheese Throwdown 2013 #MNCT2013

Mac & Cheese Throwdown 2013

Mac & Cheese Throwdown 2013

What do I love more than going to dinner and getting mac and cheese? Going to an entire event where my whole meal is mac and cheese! The two fine ladies of Girl Meets Fork Marketing & Media and Diya Marketing put on the Mac & Cheese Throwdown (they also do the Grilled Cheese Throwdown) every year. Every year, I am out of town or have another commitment the day of the events. This year I blocked my calendar and was on that ticket sales link like crispy bread crumbs on my bowl of chz to make sure I got 2 tickets to the always sold out event.

Now it’s your turn! They have some tickets left, so join me on November 17 at 4 pm as we frolic through a night of cheese, booze and full tummies.

Tickets here:

The line up of chefs will be:

Chef Michael O’Dowd, Renegade by MOD
Chef Michael Rusconi, Rusconi’s American Kitchen
Chef John Marchetti, District Kitchen & Wine Bar
Chef Eddie Castillo, AZ Food Crafters
Chef Jeff Caswell, EVO Scottsdale
Chef de Cuisine Richard Garcia, Hotel Valley Ho
Chef Joshua Yazzi-Mclane, 5th and Wine
Chef Kevin Janeski, Tom’s Thumb Market
Chef Nicholas Galakatos, Twisted Rose Winery & Eatery
Pauline Martinez, Owner of Perk Eatery

I am excited because a lot of these restaurants I haven’t been able to make it to yet, so will be a great introduction for me to go back!